Tips & Tricks with Book Creator by @wfryer (Feb 2022)

This is the slideshow and presentation audio for our student workshop on creating eBooks and printed books using Book Creator and on February 15 ,2022.

Making eBooks by @wfryer (March 2019)

From April 2022

This 20 minute screencast video shows the steps we use to covert 6 x 9 ePUB eBooks created on the Book Creator website ( to "print-ready" PDFs which are directly usable / printable on as color, 6x9 printed books.

Step-by-step instructions for this process (updated in April 2022) are also available!

From 2019

The following video and document highlights the steps we use to convert an EPUB eBook created with into a print-ready PDF for on-demand color book printing with In past years we have provided these instructions to students and taught them how to complete these steps. However, this process is a bit complicated and we've found with experience it's easier to have a teacher assist students with this final process.

So, our process today is to ask students to "turn in" their completed EPUB book via Google Classroom, and then a teacher converts that file to a print-ready PDF (following the steps below) and completes the analog / paper-based publishing process. The teacher then provides the unlisted book ordering link to the student, so they can order 1 or more copies of their book.

Here are some blog posts about the process of taking Book Creator eBooks and printing physical books with those files:

  1. Facilitating Student eBook and Book Publishing with Book Creator and Lulu (Wes Fryer, January 2020)

  2. Collaborating on a printed book for Book Week (Jose O'Donovan, November 2018

  3. From Book Creator to printed book (Jane Ross, June 2015)

Tips and Lessons Learned Publishing Book Creator eBooks to Lulu

Additional Resources

  1. Spring 2018 Animal Research Project eBook Instructions

  2. More resources on creating and sharing eBooks are available on