These are children's books created by Seniors at Casady School in Mrs. Finley's Winter 2020-21 Creative Writing Class. Use the links below to read (and listen to each author read) each book, view an intro video by each author, and (if desired) order a print copy of each book on

Links to all our "Online eBooks" on are available in our shared library, and also individually linked below. "EPUB" links will download to your device, and require an app like Apple Books (for iOS or MacOS) or Adobe Digital Editions (Windows, MacOS, iOS or Android) to view them.

"Ollie's Adventure" by Addison Wileman

"Keep Trying, Jimmy!" by Ava Rangel

"The Bird's Nest" by Amal Paracha

"Cooper's Day Off" by Peyton bailey

"Max and the Not-So-Friendly Farm Animals" by Macy Coate

"The Enchanted Forest" by Sophia Dykstra

"Glow" by Ellen Shafer

Stackimals by Graeme Jones

"Milly's New Look" by Madge Lister

"Timmy's Treasure Hunt" by Tina Nguyen

Mo Never Gives Up by DJ Freeman

"Terry the Christmas Tree" by Nikta Taheri

Jerry The Bee Can Barely See! by Victoria Cohn

Cammy The Cashier by Cole Wolfe

(no EPUB available)

(No Video)